Stop Talking!

This is the best piece of advice an experienced criminal defense attorney will give you and I'm giving it to you for FREE!

If you're arrested, tell them you want a lawyer. Nothing you say is going to convince the police to let you go free. If you have contact with the police, ask them if you're free to leave. If they say no, you're a suspect. If they say yes, tell them you want a number to get in touch with them and you'll schedule an appointment after you talk with your lawyer.

. . .

"I routinely ask my

clients what they

expect in a

criminal defense

lawyer and I do my

best to meet or

exceed their


. . .

"I need an attorney I can afford."

I know times are tough. I work with my clients on payment plans. The initial consultation with my office is FREE.

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"I need someone who knows criminal defense!"

You're right. You wouldn't go to your regular doctor for brain surgery. When your freedom is at stake, you should seek a specialist. My practice focuses on criminal defense from drug crimes to murder and white-collar crimes, too. Feel free to Google me.

. . .

"I want to know what's going on with my case."

I completely understand. From the moment you're a suspect in a case, you want to know what your options are. Most of my clients have no idea what their rights are. Contact me immediately if you have contact with the police, DHS, or any other government agency.

. . .

"I want a lawyer who's honest with me."

One of the first things I tell my clients is that I'll never lie to them. I don't have to. As soon as I have new information in your case, I'll update you and we'll review your options.

. . .

"I want a lawyer who will listen to me."

I will. Every time we discuss your case, the last two questions I will ask are:

(1) Do you have any questions?

(2) Are you satisfied with my representation?

You and I will continue until those two questions are answered satisfactorily.

. . .

"I want a lawyer who is not afraid to try my case."

This may be your most important expectation. You should expect your lawyer to have the experience and fearlessness to take your case to trial. The state knows from experience that I will not back down from a trial in your case. You should always ask any lawyer you're considering hiring what their trial experience is. Feel free to look me up on

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I knew I wanted to practice criminal defense before I filled out my

first law school application. David versus Goliath has been an

inspiration for me all my life. I worked as an intern for the Public

Defender's Office my first year in law school. I second-chaired a

murder trial in my third year of law school. I like being in private

practice. I've never backed down from going to trial. I can manage my

case load so I can focus on the details of each of my client's cases. Let

me talk to you about your case during your free consultation.

Afterwards, you'll feel relieved knowing your freedom is just as

important to your lawyer as it is to you.



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